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Skull Rings

Skull Rings are here! by Gustav Karlson on March 16 New in the store are 3 brand new skull ring designs as well as a remaster of my previous skull ring. My original ring was okay, but I knew that I could do better. I needed to achieve more detail on the teeth. And I think I’ve done just that. First up we have the remaster. A nice straightforward skull with a mandible.   Next we have what I like to call the “Grimdark” skull ring. No mandible on this one. Then it’s the Skull and Crossbones ring. And finally the Pirate Skull Ring. A skull design with two crossed cutlasses. As always, designed and manufactured right here in the Doctor...

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Blog Blog Blog

I think I’ve got it now. Last test post for tonight, I promise! I will just have to accept the default formatting that happens and work around it using images when necessary. But I think I’ve got things all dialed in now. This tweaking will all be worth it once I start rolling out the real good progress reports from my upcoming projects! Stay tuned...   by Gustav Karlson on February 27 Linky Links:

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More blog testing...

Doctor Gus Weekly-ish Update: More Fine Tuning. Trying to get things centered! by Gustav Karlson on February 27 Okay, the PNG’s and pics look good. They default to the full page width on the blog though no matter how I resize them here in the google doc, so that’s something I need to keep in mind, which is fortunately easily worked around. Sometimes the centering gets aligned to the left, but I can live with that if I absolutely have to. Let's see if this text aligns to the center…?   Posting these rambling narrations helps me work through my ideas, as well as get me in the mood for writing. It’s like anything else, you get better the more you practice....

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Re-re-re-launching the blog once more again

Doctor Gus Weekly-ish Update Still tweaking the blog. Playing with formatting here by Gustav Karlson on February 27 I’m figuring out my best workflow for actually doing blog posts. I think I’ve settled on a good method using google docs. It seems to enable me to format things easily and intuitively. It supports easy picture insertion. I can basically do what I want and get it looking how I like. Which has always been my major stumbling block when it comes to web design. But things get a little scrambled from doc creation to blog conversion. So the only way to figure this out is to just do a bunch of posts and see what looks good. In my mind I’ve always...

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Re-re-launching the blog again, again.

Doctor Gus Weekly-ish Update New year new projects! So much fun stuff in store for 2021 by Gustav Karlson on February 27 Well, 2020 certainly upended most of my plans. But I do count myself lucky in that it afforded me ample opportunity to relax, recharge, and refocus. But it’s a new year and it’s time to start rolling out all sorts of fun new stuff. I’ve got at least 50 new ring designs almost finished. I’m working on new bettons and conchos. And I’m very excited to start sharing all my cosplay and scale modelling projects. I figure that it’s about time I get serious about actually using this blogging feature of my website here. Posting on social media is all...

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