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Moving Right Along

I think the site is almost ready to launch. I made a nice About Page and I did my best with an Events Page. All my events are kind of up in the air right now due to the pandemic though. So I haven't got many good pics of my new display out in the world, nor do I have many current photos of myself in garb to share yet. It's a bit frustrating, but the work continues. I was thinking about doing the events page similar to my about page with all nice PNG graphics. But I find myself updating things due to so many postponed events that just using the basic text editing seems to be the best...

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Making Progress!

Progress is progressing! I think I've gotten the hang of this now. After some initial fumbling, I'm now migrating listings over from my etsy shop and populating this store quite nicely. I don't think I'm going to pull everything over. Some of my stuff seems more fitting on etsy, just as some of my things are only ever available in-person at events. And a few very new things are going to be exclusives! So, I now pretty much just have to sort out my events page and my about page. Given all the chaos of the world this year my events are very much in limbo, but I'm still technically booked into a lot of things, so I may...

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New site will be live shortly!

After a bit of a delay, and an annoying little global health pandemic, I think I'm just about ready to finally launch the site! I know that these posts aren't live yet and I'm just typing into the aether here. But I've got to get myself back into the mindset of posting and updating things and generally even typing things out again. Gotta get back in the flow of writing.   I put so much of my focus on live events like conventions and renaissance faires, that I very much neglected my online presence, beyond a sort of fire-and-forget strategy of social media posting.  But now with the world still on lock down, and many of my events necessarily cancelled, I've...

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New Year New Site!

As the new year dawns I thought it only appropriate to do a little work on my website. Here's what to expect in the future from

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