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Re-re-re-launching the blog once more again

Doctor Gus Weekly-ish Update

Still tweaking the blog.

Playing with formatting here

by Gustav Karlson on February 27

I’m figuring out my best workflow for actually doing blog posts. I think I’ve settled on a good method using google docs. It seems to enable me to format things easily and intuitively. It supports easy picture insertion. I can basically do what I want and get it looking how I like. Which has always been my major stumbling block when it comes to web design.

But things get a little scrambled from doc creation to blog conversion. So the only way to figure this out is to just do a bunch of posts and see what looks good.

In my mind I’ve always pictured my ideal website looking something like a storybook. Lots of nice pictures and text which is like a work of art. I know that the web is a different media to a book and I must bend a little bit in my vision. But I feel like I get a little bit closer each time I tweak things.

Hopefully the PNG’s work right this time!

Stay tuned...  

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