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New Year New Site!

As the new year dawns I thought it only appropriate to do a little work on my website. For 2020 I've resolved to revamp and relaunch with a proper standalone webstore. I find myself making more and more interesting things that defy categorization on my other sales and social channels. The custom and commemorative pieces I've been doing lately require more options. And as I expand my wholesale offerings it seems best to have a way to create user accounts and scalable pricing.

Additionally, I have wanted to get back into blogging for some time. My hobby and convention builds benefit from having more pictures and more explanation than I feel I can achieve in a single facebook post. I always struggle with maintaining my interest in social media. Perhaps brevity is the cause, and with blog posts to share, hopefully my motivation will increase. If nothing else I have plenty of semi-curated photos to dump. So I might as well chronicle my festival trips and my maker antics here.

I feel 2020 will be a good year. And I welcome you to the newly revived Doctor-Gus.comĀ