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New site will be live shortly!

After a bit of a delay, and an annoying little global health pandemic, I think I'm just about ready to finally launch the site!

I know that these posts aren't live yet and I'm just typing into the aether here. But I've got to get myself back into the mindset of posting and updating things and generally even typing things out again. Gotta get back in the flow of writing.  

I put so much of my focus on live events like conventions and renaissance faires, that I very much neglected my online presence, beyond a sort of fire-and-forget strategy of social media posting. 

But now with the world still on lock down, and many of my events necessarily cancelled, I've no choice but to exercise my typing fingers and use this as a long overdue reason to slightly reinvent myself once again.

So, I think I've finally wrapped my noodle around the workflow of migrating things here to Shopify and it's been a valuable process of having to edit all my old listings and spruce things up a bit.

Stay tuned...