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Moving Right Along

I think the site is almost ready to launch. I made a nice About Page and I did my best with an Events Page.

All my events are kind of up in the air right now due to the pandemic though. So I haven't got many good pics of my new display out in the world, nor do I have many current photos of myself in garb to share yet. It's a bit frustrating, but the work continues. I was thinking about doing the events page similar to my about page with all nice PNG graphics. But I find myself updating things due to so many postponed events that just using the basic text editing seems to be the best course. It's probably better for SEO as well I think.

Making good headway on migrating more items into the shop here too. I have so many items that it's going to be an ongoing process for some time. And that's to say nothing of the huge backlog of other new stuff I have awaiting photos. One thing at a time.

Stay tuned...