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More blog testing...

Doctor Gus Weekly-ish Update:

More Fine Tuning.

Trying to get things centered!

by Gustav Karlson on February 27

Okay, the PNG’s and pics look good. They default to the full page width on the blog though no matter how I resize them here in the google doc, so that’s something I need to keep in mind, which is fortunately easily worked around.

Sometimes the centering gets aligned to the left, but I can live with that if I absolutely have to. Let's see if this text aligns to the center…?  

Posting these rambling narrations helps me work through my ideas, as well as get me in the mood for writing. It’s like anything else, you get better the more you practice. And I have been sorely out of practice in terms of anything much longer than a facebook post for a long time.

2021 is a time of new beginnings. But for now it’s like 4am and I should attempt to get some sleep.

Stay tuned...  

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